Seasonal Background
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Glossary of Musical Terms

Adagio                                             Slow
Allegretto                                        Fairly quick
Allegro                                             Quick
Andante                                          Walking pace
Largo                                               Slow, broadly
Lento                                               Slow
Moderato                                        Moderately quick
Presto                                             Quick
Tempo                                             Speed
Accelerando (accel.)                  Gradually getting quicker
Cantabile                                        In a singing style
Crescendo (cresc.)                     Gradually getting louder
Da capo                                          Repeat from beginning
Dal segno                                       Repeat from the sign
Decrescendo (decresc.)            Gradually getting quieter
Diminuendo (dim)                        Gradually getting quieter
Fine                                                  The end
Legato                                            Smoothly
Mezzo                                             Half, medium
Poco                                               A little
Rallentando                                  Gradually getting slower
Ritardando                                    Gradually getting slower
Ritenuto                                         Held back
Staccato                                        Short and detached